Travel permit to Madison, WI, for Miyoshi Ikawa (text description)

The following is a description of the letter and enclosed travel permit for Miyoshi Ikawa. 


Headquarters Western Defense Command and Fourth Army Presidio of San Francisco, California

Office of the Provost Marshal

April 21, 1942

To All Peace Officers and All Other Persons Concerned:

The bearer of this permit is Miyoshi Ikawa, a Japanese American,  age 23 years, and now a fellow at the California Institute of Technology in Biology. He has been granted a fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. He had adequate funds for his maintenance. He has also furnished evidence of his financial ability to pay the expenses of his trip to Madison, Wisconsin.

He is, therefore, granted authority to travel from Pasadena, California, to Madison, Wisconsin, effective upon delivery of this authority.

This permit is issued upon express condition that Mr. Ikawa shall not return to any part of Military Area No. 1 after his evacuation therefrom. It is requested that all Peace Officers and all other persons concerned will facilitate the completion of this travel. Mr. Ikawa will have in his possession “Certificate – Change of Residence Notice and Travel Permit,” WDC Form PM-2 (Revised), issued by the U.S. Employment Service or the Wartime Civil Control Administration.

(Signature of William A. Boekel)

William A. Boekel,
Lr. Col., F.A.
Assistant Provost Marshal


Travel Permit

Certificate – Change of Residence Notice and Travel Permit

Date – April 23, 1942

Name – Miyoshi Ikawa

New Address – Madison, Wisconsin

Leave Venice Calif. Arrives 4/26/42. As per order of Lt Col W. A. Boekel Provost Marshal.

The travel of the above-named person from the place of issue of this permit to the address given above has been approved by the Western defense Command and Fourth Army, Wartime Civil Control Administration (and, if an alien, has been approved in the name of the United States Attorney in the district from which he has moved). It is requested that all authorities permit this person to travel to the above address by direct route without molestation or hindrance.

By authority of the Commanding General, Western Defense Command and Fourth Army

Photograph of a letter and permit from 1942, allowing a Japanese American student to travel to UW–Madison. Full text is above.