Taylor Bailey

Position title: Assistant Director

Email: tbailey6@wisc.edu

Photo of Taylor Bailey

I am a literary scholar and researcher interested in how marginalized people — specifically Black women — navigate life, liberation, and kinship. My scholarly research lies at the nexus of Black feminist thought, literary criticisms, and 20th century literature, and Black cultural studies.

I received my AB in English literature (with a concentration in fiction writing) and African & African American Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and a MA in Afro-American Studies from UW–Madison.

What has always intrigued me most about literature and literary studies is the aspect of storytelling and the deep well of history hidden behind each word. Working as part of the Center for Campus History has allowed me the opportunity to unite the experiences of sharing and learning stories, researching lesser told and known histories, and imparting the knowledge of the historical findings to others intellectual yet creative ways.