The Wisconsin Alumni Magazine and Progressive Era Campus Culture

Founded in 1899 and continuing publication today under the title On Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine sprung from a desire to keep former students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison appraised of campus happenings and to encourage their ongoing involvement in university affairs. It also reinforced harmful stereotypes of a wide range of marginalized people who were present in the campus community.

Access Denied: Brigid McGuire vs. the University of Wisconsin–Madison

“I’d like to take my place among you as your classmate,” UW law student Brigid McGuire announced to her civil procedure class on September 7, 1994, before revving up her circular power saw and cutting off a portion of her desk to make room for her motorized wheelchair. Amid applause, she added, “My hope for this action today is for this law school to get a carpenter in here and do the right thing.”